Trick Photography and Special Effects

If you want to learn more about trick photography and how you can make special effects with your own camera you don’t have to look any further!

There is a really great detailed course created by Evan Sharboneau to teach you how to do some Special Effects and Trick Photography using nothing more than a basic DSLR camera.


The course is very comprehensive, the main manual is 295 pages long and it also consists of 9 hours worth of video tutorial. That might sound a bit excessive but you are going to learn pretty much everything that you need to know about creating trick photography and special effects photography.

It doesn’t matter if you are a complete novice, you can learn everything you need to know right from scratch and if you do have some experience you can also learn a lot in this course as well.

The way it’s designed is that you don’t have to read everything first and listen to all the 9 hours of video before you actually get started. It’s designed that you get started straight away, so as soon as you start reading and watching the videos you can basically work along with the tutorials.

It’s got a lot of pros against just a few cons which makes this course so fun and easy to work with. You can start right from beginning and you can learn different techniques, different matters right from the start and as you will be going through the course you will be learning more and more things so by the time you get to the end of the course you will have already completed so many different methods and that is when you can really let your creative juices flow and you can start really exploring different opportunities from the methods that you’ve learned throughout the course.

Levitation-floating-fruitAlso throughout the course you are gonna have over 300 pictures as well of special effects photography from different photographers all over the world so you really will get an amazing glimpse of what people can do, and not only what they can do, but they are also gonna teach you how to do this as well.

The great thing about this course is that for about 2/3 of the methods taught in here you don’t need any expensive software or expensive equipments, you can just get by with a basic DSLR camera.


If you just only have a basic camera you can do the majority of these pictures and these used methods. Some of them do use photoshop, only about 1/3 of them, so if you can’t afford photoshop, or you don’t wanna buy, that’s no problem you are not gonna miss out on this course because most of the things you can still learn how to do anyway. You don’t need to spent a lot of money once you bought this course.

>>>This course is really excellent value for money!<<<

Especially now with the reduced price it’s really cheap considering what you get, how much tutorials and 295 pages PDF and so much information for you to learn, it’s well worth the money!

There are a ton of different methods that you can learn in this course and you don’t need to have all this expensive equipment to be able to do it, just a basic DSLR camera will do it!

This course is delivered electronically because the main manual is a 295 pages E-book (a PDF document). You can download it straight away, and you can watch all the videos streaming from the members area.

So basically, as soon as you have payed you will have access to your course straight away.

You can download the PDF, you can start watching the video straight away, it’s not something you have to wait to be delivered, you get instant access to it.


If you want to learn about Trick photography and special effects then I really recommend this course because it’s so detailed, so comprehensive, you can work along with the actual course, you don’t have to watch it all through before you can start working with it and it explains everything very clearly so you will not have any problems, even if you don’t know how to operate a camera properly it shows you everything both in the PDF and in the video tutorial, it is really easy to follow along to.

No matter what standard you are at, this course will benefit you!

If you want to learn about trick photography and special effects I will highly recommend this course, it’s great value for money and you really will get a lot out of it!

>>>Buy it here !<<<  You don’t know how long it’s gonna last at this cheap rate.

Easy Photography Techniques Video

Trick Photography and Special Effects will teach you that there are a few simple, easy photo techniques that can totally transform how you use and view your camera and you can be sure that they are easy to grasp!

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Trick photography and special effects E-book Review

I want to share my opinion about this product with you. I have bought and tried the Trick photography and special effects E-book and must say I really love it! It is an E-book written in an easy and very understanding way to educate photographers of all stages on how to get those special effects photographs.

eric_mind-300x199Evan uses great methods to explain all the know hows about special effects and trick photography, which made it a delight to read the whole book. Evan has done himself proud. There is a lot of information in this book for all photographers who wants to develop their skills, regardless of stage and level. Evan talks in a very easy and straightforwardly way about lighting, long exposure effects, setting your material, setting the white balance, composition, cameras, software, how to perform post-processing and so much more, it is to much to list up everything now.

Lighting is, off course, the key to photography and Evan goes through this in great detail. The information he provides you with is so big, what could feel as a little much in the beginning when you start reading the book. But once you started, you can’t get enough of it!

One of my favorite features in his book was the part about high-speed photography. Want to make beautiful pictures of a balloon while it bursts? Than you will need to use high-speed photography. When you look at these photos it looks like they have been captured in slow motion. The photo’s made with high-speed photography are outstanding! I actually felt immediately getting excited by the possibility of shooting my own high-speed photos, wanted to try it out straight away! He explains in a detailed way what kind of equipment you will need, and where you can buy this, to make these incredible photos.


Another section, of so many, I would like to point out is the section about macro-photography. You can generate wonderful effects and extremely exciting photo’s of close-up. He shows you how you can make stunning, abstract images of bubbles and its patterns, in a way everybody can do it. He also teaches you how to make the perfect smoke photo, he explains everything you need to know about the lighting, what to use as a background and what you need to do, to precisely capture the smoking produce in an interesting way. Using cigarette smoke isn’t the only way to create this, you can also use the smoke from an instant stick it. I also truly liked this part a lot!

I know from experience how hard it is, when you are first starting out, to take high quality photos. And that it is even harder to make special effect photos. But your life as a photographer will get a lot easier when you start reading this E-book. Evan makes it possible for you to create those outstanding photos, in an easy and enjoyable way. I highly recommend this book, it is certainly worth your money!

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Welcome Photographers

Nowadays internet has become a true source of education for everybody. There isn’t a thing you can’t find on the internet. But because there is so much information on the internet it makes it sometimes hard to know where to start looking. That is why we want to help you to make this a lot easier for you!

We have searched the internet to find for you the best digital course for becoming a good trick and special effects photographer. There are about 176 digital photography tutorials available on the internet and we have searched through all of them to find out which tutorial offers the best knowledge and information.

A few things can make a course stand out from the rest and makes it worth purchasing. Here are a few of these thing we used to select our favorite digital photography course available:

The learning method
If a course consists out of a good learning method it will be centered on passing on concepts instead of procedures. Which makes it easy for you to apply the concepts on your own lens and camera. This will all be demonstrated as hands-on manners in videos. Each step will be explained and done in an order which makes it easy for you to follow and copy each step.

Support material
A digital course should have good support material like an E-book. With such an E-book you can read up on everything in your own pace.

Using different objects
A good digital course will use an approach based on everyday objects. So that each student will be able to apply this technique. For example, lessons for light and contrast could be taught using a DSLR and some household objects.

No photoshop
A good digital photography course will teach you not to rely on photoshop to get your desired results. It should explain techniques and concepts which will teach you how to manipulate your own equipment and lightning to get the desired result without using any photoshop afterwards.


After we tested this on the digital photography tutorials provided on the internet we determined which courses are provided by a true expert and found our favorite!

We would definitely recommend:

Evan Sharboneau’s “Trick Photography and Special Effects”

This course contains all the above and you can jump in at any point, and get started straight away.

The E-book exists of three sections with a total of 295 pages it has a 50 videos library with 9 hours of expert tuition. This course is really a good value for your money and will definitely improve your photographer skills. On this site we will tell you more about this course and try to make you just as enthusiastic as we are about it!