E-Book Contents

Trick Photography And Special Effects E-book Contents

The E-book contains three main sections. Inside every section there are chapters. Within every chapter, there are sub chapters.

You can jump in at any point, and get started straight away.

Here is a list of everything you can expect from the E-book and videos:

Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting (119 Pages)

  • Long Exposure Effects and Light Painting
  • Fundamental Lights and Techniques
  • Other (more creative) Light Sources
  • Light Painting Techniques
  • Lightning
  • Motion blur
  • Star trails
  • Other fun long exposures

Trick Photography and Special effects (92 Pages)

  • In-Camera Illusions
  • 3D Stereoscopic Photography
  • High-Speed Photography
  • Bubbles
  • Smoke
  • Bokeh
  • Double Exposures
  • Birefringence
  • HDR Photography
  • Infrared Photography
  • 360X180 Planet Panoramas
  • Time-Displacement Photography via Scanner

Photoshop Projects (70 Pages)

  • Multiplicity Photography
  • Levitation Photography
  • The Invisible Man #1
  • The Invisible Man #2
  • Flesh Manipulations
  • Fake Tilt-Shift Photography
  • The Droste Effect
  • The Harris Shutter Effect

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