Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons Of The Trick Photography And Special Effects E-Book


  • The “test for 60 days or you will get your money back” guarantee
  • You can participate with just a basic DSLR camera, you don’t need fancy gear to take the photos
  • It is easy to browse through the E-book
  • The videos are nice to watch
  • You see a lot of photo examples
  • You don’t need to have a lot of experience or knowledge about photography, everybody can start right away
  • You will learn a lot of tricks and special effects like for example:
    – How to make light painting images
    – How to create the invisible man
    – How to improve your regular pictures
    – How to take dynamic images
    – How to create 3D images
    – How to capture star trail images
    – How to do a freeze motion picture
    – How to do a 30 seconds tweak
    – How to use all kind of household items as visual effects
    – How to use your computer to create the most magnificent image
  • It will inspire you and trigger your creativity
  • You will find links for everything you may need



  • It’s a lot of information
  • It’s an E-book, so you can’t easily take it with you
  • It sometimes goes into more detail than it needs to.
  • Some tricks look easier then they really are, but in the end you can do all tricks by yourself
  • You have to read 295 pages of instructions on Trick Photography and Special Effects
  • You have to Watch 9 hours of video tutorials on Trick Photography and Special Effects


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