Trick photography and special effects E-book Review

I want to share my opinion about this product with you. I have bought and tried the Trick photography and special effects E-book and must say I really love it! It is an E-book written in an easy and very understanding way to educate photographers of all stages on how to get those special effects photographs.

eric_mind-300x199Evan uses great methods to explain all the know hows about special effects and trick photography, which made it a delight to read the whole book. Evan has done himself proud. There is a lot of information in this book for all photographers who wants to develop their skills, regardless of stage and level. Evan talks in a very easy and straightforwardly way about lighting, long exposure effects, setting your material, setting the white balance, composition, cameras, software, how to perform post-processing and so much more, it is to much to list up everything now.

Lighting is, off course, the key to photography and Evan goes through this in great detail. The information he provides you with is so big, what could feel as a little much in the beginning when you start reading the book. But once you started, you can’t get enough of it!

One of my favorite features in his book was the part about high-speed photography. Want to make beautiful pictures of a balloon while it bursts? Than you will need to use high-speed photography. When you look at these photos it looks like they have been captured in slow motion. The photo’s made with high-speed photography are outstanding! I actually felt immediately getting excited by the possibility of shooting my own high-speed photos, wanted to try it out straight away! He explains in a detailed way what kind of equipment you will need, and where you can buy this, to make these incredible photos.


Another section, of so many, I would like to point out is the section about macro-photography. You can generate wonderful effects and extremely exciting photo’s of close-up. He shows you how you can make stunning, abstract images of bubbles and its patterns, in a way everybody can do it. He also teaches you how to make the perfect smoke photo, he explains everything you need to know about the lighting, what to use as a background and what you need to do, to precisely capture the smoking produce in an interesting way. Using cigarette smoke isn’t the only way to create this, you can also use the smoke from an instant stick it. I also truly liked this part a lot!

I know from experience how hard it is, when you are first starting out, to take high quality photos. And that it is even harder to make special effect photos. But your life as a photographer will get a lot easier when you start reading this E-book. Evan makes it possible for you to create those outstanding photos, in an easy and enjoyable way. I highly recommend this book, it is certainly worth your money!

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