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Nowadays internet has become a true source of education for everybody. There isn’t a thing you can’t find on the internet. But because there is so much information on the internet it makes it sometimes hard to know where to start looking. That is why we want to help you to make this a lot easier for you!

We have searched the internet to find for you the best digital course for becoming a good trick and special effects photographer. There are about 176 digital photography tutorials available on the internet and we have searched through all of them to find out which tutorial offers the best knowledge and information.

A few things can make a course stand out from the rest and makes it worth purchasing. Here are a few of these thing we used to select our favorite digital photography course available:

The learning method
If a course consists out of a good learning method it will be centered on passing on concepts instead of procedures. Which makes it easy for you to apply the concepts on your own lens and camera. This will all be demonstrated as hands-on manners in videos. Each step will be explained and done in an order which makes it easy for you to follow and copy each step.

Support material
A digital course should have good support material like an E-book. With such an E-book you can read up on everything in your own pace.

Using different objects
A good digital course will use an approach based on everyday objects. So that each student will be able to apply this technique. For example, lessons for light and contrast could be taught using a DSLR and some household objects.

No photoshop
A good digital photography course will teach you not to rely on photoshop to get your desired results. It should explain techniques and concepts which will teach you how to manipulate your own equipment and lightning to get the desired result without using any photoshop afterwards.


After we tested this on the digital photography tutorials provided on the internet we determined which courses are provided by a true expert and found our favorite!

We would definitely recommend:

Evan Sharboneau’s “Trick Photography and Special Effects”

This course contains all the above and you can jump in at any point, and get started straight away.

The E-book exists of three sections with a total of 295 pages it has a 50 videos library with 9 hours of expert tuition. This course is really a good value for your money and will definitely improve your photographer skills. On this site we will tell you more about this course and try to make you just as enthusiastic as we are about it!

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